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Green Circle Salon

We care about the universe. We are aware of how our actions affect our environment and we do everything we can to minimize the damage. Our partnership with Green Circle Salon allows us to diminish our contribution of destruction to the earth by diverting our waste from waterways and landfills. We recycle everything: hair, color, color tubes, foils, and plastics. GCS takes these items from us and cleans, reuses or disposes of them responsibly. Check it out, hair that is cut and collected at Willow Room Salon is used to soak up oil spills in our oceans and may even be turned into bedding for animals fleeing forest fires!


Suspended Beauty Project

Visiting Willow Room Salon is a unique experience that we want everyone to have access to. The Suspended Beauty Project allows us to expand our reach to include individuals who deserve some extra tender love and care. Our stylists and our clients “pay it forward” through donations or fundraising and our local partners identify different populations from the community who can benefit from our nurturing services.